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The Schizophrenia Research Forum web site is sponsored by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and was created with funding from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.
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Research News
Risk for Psychosis Marked by Overactive Microglia
17 November 2015. Elevated microglial activity marks the brains of those at risk of developing full-blown psychosis...
SfN 2015—Human Studies Probe Different Aspects of Schizophrenia
14 November 2015. There were a number of schizophrenia-focused talks in a symposium titled "Major Mental Disorders: Novel Approaches for Patient Evaluation"...
New Study Looks at Causes of Premature Mortality in People With Schizophrenia
7 November 2015. People with schizophrenia have a much greater risk of dying prematurely compared to the general population...

SfN 2015: New and Old Approaches to Schizophrenia in Chicago
The usual giant crowd of 30,000 scientists trekked to the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago from October 17 to 21. Among them were some researchers with an interest in schizophrenia, applying a range of techniques, from traditional postmortem work to
innovative behavioral and imaging methods. Read our reports from the sessions:
SIRS 2016 Travel Award Application Deadline Is Coming Up
The 5th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference will be held in Florence April 2-6, 2016. The Travel Award application deadline is December 3, 2015. Also, if you're not a member, consider joining, as members get big discounts on registration.
See you at the lovely Firenze Fiera Congress Center in spring 2016!
WCPG 2015 Brings Genetic Diversity to Toronto
Temple de la Renommee du
Hockey (Hockey Hall of Fame)
in Toronto
The 23rd annual World Congress on Psychiatric Genetics was held October 16-20 in Toronto, Canada. SRF reporter Michele Solis was in attendance to report on a wide variety of research, much of it a follow-up to the massive genomewide association studies conducted over the past of several years. Stay tuned for a series of articles from the cutting edge!
Image credit: Michele Solis
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum!
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum website—a virtual community for science about schizophrenia and related disorders. Our Mission is to help researchers in their quest for causes, improved treatments, and better understanding of schizophrenia. Read more about ways to browse the site.
What's New

Comments - Posted 17 November 2015
Read remarks by Irving Gottesman about Grant P et al.
PAPER: Is Schizotypy per se a Suitable Endophenotype of Schizophrenia? - Do Not Forget to Distinguish Positive from Negative Facets.
Conferences - Posted 17 November 2015
The Brain in Focus: New Approaches to Imaging Neurons and Neural Circuits: 17-20 April 2016, Rungstedgaard, North Copenhagen, Denmark.
November 25, 2015
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Check out our most recent webinar, How Can Schizotypy Inform Schizophrenia Research?.
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SIRS 2016
April 2-6, 2016
Firenze Fiera Congress Center, Florence, Italy

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Travel Award application deadline: December 3, 2015
A community resource created by Jim Koenig, University of Maryland.
We invite your comments and suggested edits to these facts about schizophrenia.
Compiled by Angus MacDonald, S. Charles Schulz, and the Minnesota Consensus Group.
Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR): Designing and Testing Questionnaires: Tuesday, December 01, 2015, 5:00 p.m.

Principles of Pharmacology: Pharmacogenomics: Thursday, December 03, 2015, 6:30 p.m.

Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR): Using Large Datasets for Population-Based Health Research: Monday, December 07, 2015, 5:00 p.m.

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