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Drugs in Trials:Serotonin
Drug Development status Clinical Trial ID Company or Institution Mechanism Notes
ACP103 (Pimavanserin) Discontinued NCT00361166 Acadia Pharma Inverse 5HT2A agonist Add-on therapy to reduce motor side effects
AE58054 POC Failed NCT00810667 Lundbeck 5HT6 antagonist Also developed in Alzheimer's disease
AR11-6081 Preclinical   Arena Inverse 5HT2A agonist No update since 2006
AV965 Preclinical NCT00156104 Avera Pharma 5HT1A partial agonist Acquired from Novartis
A-XXX Preclinical   Abbott 5HT5A antagonists  
B35490 Preclinical   BioFocus 5HT2A antagonist  
Eplivanserin Discontinued   Sanofi 5HT2A antagonist  
Escitalopram Discontinued NCT00148447 University of Pittsburgh 5HT transporter inhibitor Improves social and mental health and quality of life
LY482518 Phase 1   Eli Lilly 5HT6 antagonist Add-on for cognitive disorder
Naratriptan POC Ongoing NCT00282165 University of Utrecht, The Netherlands 5HT1D antagonist Add-on for aggressive outburts in convicts
Ondansetron POC Completed NCT00149734 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 5-HT3 antagonist Shows improvement in PANSS total with haldol
PRX 07034 Discontinued   Epix 5HT6 antagonist  
SB 742457 Discontinued   GlaxoSmithKline 5HT6 antagonist Development in schizophrenia discontinued, further development in Alzheimer's disease; Improves memory consolidation
SCA719 Discontinued   Pfizer 5HT2C agonist  
SGS518 Inactive   Eli Lilly 5HT6 antagonist Cognitive enhancer add-on
Tropisetron POC Successful NCT00435370 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 5-HT3 antagonist, and a7 nAChR modulator Shows improvement in cognitive tests as augmentation therapy