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Drugs in Trials:Other
Drug Development status Clinical Trial ID Company or Institution Mechanism Notes
ABS13 Discontinued   Argolyn Unspecified GPCR modulator No development since 2003
Acamprosate POC Ongoing NCT00463346 Forest Laboratories Reduces alcohol dependence in dual diagnosis  
AL-108 POC Failed   Allon Therapeutics Microtubule stabilizer Intranasal forumulation, add-on for cognition, failed POC in Matrics
ALKS 3831 POC Ongoing NCT01903837 Alkermes Olanzapine + ALKS33 opioid modulator Stand-alone
Amylin Hormone Preclinical   Amylin Hormone therapy  
Arthemeter Inactive   Wuhan University China Antibiotic Repurposed anti malaria and toxoplasmo add-on
aTMS POC Ongoing NCT01941251 Niuvanniemi Hospital Transcranial magnetic stimulation Treatment-resistant schizophrenia patients stand-alone
Atomoxetine POC Failed NCT00216281 University of Indiana NE/5HT transporter inhibitor No effect on cognition or negative symptoms as add-on; slight improvement of extra-pyramidal symptoms
AUT6 Preclinical   Autifony Therapeutics Kv3 K+ channel modulator  
AV1625 Inactive NCT00345410 Sanofi CB1-R antagonist In development for multiple indications
AZD2624 POC Failed NCT00686998 AstraZeneca NK3 antagonist No effect seen on cognitive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia
Bexarotene Phase 2   Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel Retinoid X receptor antagonist Small open-label Phase 2 study positive
Cannabidiol Phase 2 NCT00309413 University of Cologne, Germany Endocannabinoid Monotherapy; fails to correct D9-THC induced P300 deficits in healthy volunteers
Celecoxib POC Completed   Beijing Hui-Long-Guan Hospital COX inhibitor Add-on to risperidone, small effect in Phase 2 study
Chelerythrine Preclinical   Marinus Pharma PKC inhibitor Improves PFC working memory; Repositioning (drug used as an ingredient in a marketed prescription based toothpaste and dental rinse)
CM2393 Inactive   Cenomed Unknown MoA  
CP96345 Preclinical   Pfizer NK1 antagonist  
CRD-101 Phase 1   Curidium Unknown MoA Repositioning of unknown existing drug
Creatine Phase 2 NCT00140192 Beersheva Mental Health Center Energy enhancer Add-on for correction of metabolic disorders
Curcumin POC Completed NCT00099710 University of Western Ontario Anti-inflammation Reduces oro-facial dyskinesia associated with neuroleptics
Dipyridamole Inactive NCT00349973 University of Maryland Adenosine agonist Stand-alone
Divalproex Sodium Phase 4 NCT00306475 Vanderbilt Na channel modulator Add-on therapy; no effect on stable and partial responsive schizophrenia patients
Duloxetine POC Completed NCT00224302 Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany 5-HT and NE transporter inhibitor Positive effect as add-on in depressive episodes, negative and general psychopathology with stable positive symptoms effect. No effect when added to clozapine.
Epigallocatechin Gallate Inactive   Portland VA Inhibition of NO Green tea polyphenol; add-on
EPO POC Completed   Max Planck Institute Neuroprotectant Small but significant effect as cognitive enhancer add-on in small Phase 2 study
Estradiol Phase 2 NCT00206570 University of Santander Hormonal substitution Augmentation therapy improves positive symptoms and psychopathology in women
Folate, B12, Pyridoxine: University of Melbourne Inactive   University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Antioxidant Neuroprotective add-on
Folate, VitB12, Pyridoxine: Nathan Kline Institute Inactive NCT00403247 Nathan Kline Institute Vitamin Add-on
GSK644784 Discontinued   GlaxoSmithKline COX2 inhibitor Dual acting COX inhibitor
Idazoxan Inactive   Potomac Pharma Alpha2 AR Withdrawn in treatment-resistant depression (Sheba Med Center)
Lamotrigine: University of Manchester POC Completed   University of Manchester Na-channel blocker; anticonvulsant  
Lamotrigine: XTL Phase 2   Amgen Na-channel blocker; anticonvulsant  
LAX101 (Miraxion; Ethyl-Eicosapentoic Acid) Inactive   Amarin Phospholipase inhibitor Also in development for Huntington's disease
L-carnosine Inactive   Pittsburgh Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Antioxidant and anti-glycosylation Cognitive enhancer
Low-Dose Lithium POC Completed NCT00202306 Melbourne Health, Australia GSK3 inhibitor Addresses clozapine-induced neutropenia in children
L-Theanine (Gamma-Glutamylethylamide) Inactive NCT00372151 Sha’ar Menashe Mental Health Center   Add-on for cognitive disorders, moduilates alpha EEG band
LX6171 Discontinued   Lexicon Inhibitor of SLC6A7, a high-affinity L-proline transporter part of GABA-Transporter family Cognitive enhancer add-on; failed in age-associated memory impairment; modulates balance between excitation & inhibition
LY500307 POC Ongoing NCT01874756 Indiana University Selective estrogen beta receptor Cognitive impairment augmentation therapy
MEM1003 (BAY-Z-4406) Inactive NCT00374920 Memory L-type Ca channel blocker Add-on for cognitive disorder; brain penetrant Nimodipine analog also in development for AD
Mifepristone (RU-486) Phase 3   Corlux Glucocorticoid -R antagonist No effect on neurocognition as add-on; further development in bipolar disorder
MK0557 Discontinued NCT00482430 Merck NPY antagonist Originally developed for obesitas
Neuregulin 1 Preclinical   Decode Neuregulin1 modulator  
Neurotensin Peptides Preclinical   Pfizer Neurotensin analogues  
NT69L Preclinical   Roche Neurotensin analogue  
NW3509 Preclinical   Newron Na-channel modulator  
Org 34517 Discontinued NCT00226278 Merck-Schering Selective glucocorticoid receptor antagonist Add-on for depressive symptoms
ORM-12741 Phase 1 NCT01068028 Orion Corporation Alpha2C antagonist Now in development for AD
Oxytocin POC Ongoing NCT01712646 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Affects social behavior Daily intranasal oxytocin for childhood-onset schizophrenia
PF00184562 Inactive NCT00150215 Pfizer Unknown MoA  
Pioglitazone POC Ongoing   NYU School of Medicine and Manhattan Psychiatric Center PPAR-γ agonist Add-on to clozapine and olanzapine, treatment of antipsychotic induced hyperglycemia
Pravastatin POC Ongoing NCT00177580 University of Pittsburgh Cholesterol-lowering Add-on
Pregnelonone Inactive NCT00174889 Sha’ar Menashe Mental Health Center Neurosteroid, affecting GABA  
Raloxifene, Estradiol 2 mg plus Dyhydroprogesterone Phase 3 NCT01573637 Alfred Hospital Estrogen receptor modulator Augmentation therapy for negative symptoms
Reboxetine POC Completed NCT00409201 Arbabanel Mental Health Center Norepineprhine transport inhibitor One positive and one negative study; also beneficial effect on weight gain
RG1068 Discontinued   Repligen Secretin Addresses cognitive dysfunction
Rimonabant Inactive   Sanofi CB1-R antagonist Already approved for weight loss; tested in smoking cessation
Simvastatin Inactive   Columbia University, New York Add-on therapy, limited by drug-drug interactions and induction of rhabdyomelitis Add-on therapy, limited by drug-drug interactions and induction of rhabdyomelitis
Talnetant Discontinued NCT00049946 GlaxoSmithKline NK3 antagonist Completed
Taurine Inactive   University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Essential amino acid Add-on
Tetrabenazine POC Completed NCT00362804 University of Toronto Monoamine depleting agents Add-on to olanzapine reduces dystonia
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Phase 2 NCT00481026 Bayside Health Directly modifies brain signal processing  
Trimethropin POC Failed   University of Eritrea, Ethiopia Antibiotic Repurposed anti-bacterial add-on; no effect in Phase 2 study
Valacyclovir POC Failed NCT00175513 University of British Columbia Antiviral Adjunctive therapy in cytomegalovirs + patients shows no effect
W3 Fatty Acids Inactive NCT00167310 University of Pittsburgh Cardiac protection Add-on
WAY-XXX Discontinued   Pfizer Oxytocin receptor antagonist