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Drugs in Trials:Glutamate
Drug Development status Clinical Trial ID Company or Institution Mechanism Notes
AA21279 Preclinical   Lundbeck GlyT1 inhibitor  
ADX71149 Phase 2   Addex mGluR2 PAM  
AMG747 Phase 2 NCT01568229 Reviva GlyT1 inhibitor  
AZD9272 Phase 1   AstraZeneca mGLUR1 antagonist  
BFF-816 Preclinical   Mitsubishi KATII antagonist  
CX516 Discontinued NCT00235352 Cortex Positive modulator of AMPA subtype of glutamate receptor No effect on cognition as add-on
D-serine Discontinued NCT00138775 Glytech NMDA enhancer; add-on No different from placebo
Glycine Inactive NCT00291226 Glytech Direct agonist of the gly site on NMDA-R Monotherapy; no different from placebo
GlyT1 inh Preclinical   Eli Lilly GlyT1 inhibitor Addresses cognitive/negative symptoms
GLYX-13 Preclinical   Naurex Gly site functional partial agonist; monoclonal antibody derived peptide Add-on to address cognitive/negative symptoms
GSK1018921 Discontinued NCT00929370 GlaxoSmithKline GlyT1 inhibitor Addresses cognitive/negative symptoms
GSK729327 Discontinued NCT00448890 GlaxoSmithKline AMPA modulator Also in development for dementia
JNJ17305600 Discontinued   Allelix GlyT1 inhibitor  
LY404039 Preclinical   Eli Lilly mGluR2/R3 agonist  
Memantine POC Completed NCT00757978 Rio Grande, Brazil NMDA antagonist Add-on to clozapine shows improvement in negative symptoms
Memantine + Donepezil Inactive   University of California, Irvine NMDA antagonist, AChE inhibitor  
mGluR8A Discontinued   NPS Pharma mGLuR8 positive modulator  
MGS0039 Preclinical   Merck mGluRII modulators Addresses depressive symptoms in schizophrenia
Neboglamine (XY-240) Inactive   Rottapharm Gly site pos modulator Cognitive enhancer add-on
NPSP156 Discontinued   NPS Pharma D-serine analog Add-on for cognitive deficits
ORG24448 (CX691) Discontinued NCT00425815 Merck   Cognitive enhancer add-on supported by MATRICS, no results reported
Org25925 POC Failed   Merck GlyT1 antagonist No clinical effect
ORG25935 Phase 1   Merck GlyT1 inhibitor Reverts ketamine induced psychotic effects
PF-04802540 (TS-032) Phase 2 NCT00876304 Pfizer mGluR2 agonist Effect on sleep
PF3311945 Phase 2   Pfizer GlyT1 inhibitor  
Pomaglumetad Methionil Discontinued NCT01487083 Eli Lilly mGluR2/3 agonist Failed in Phase 3 trials as stand-alone
R1678 (Bitopertin) Phase 3 Failed NCT00616798 Roche GlyT1 inhibitor Pos Phase 2 data in negative and cognitive symptoms
Riluzole Inactive NCT00375050 Yale University NMDA antagonist Add-on for cognitive disorders
Sarcosine Phase 2 NCT00276263 Herzog Hospital, Israel NMDA enhancer; add-on Showed modest efficacy in Phase 2 trial (effect size between 0.35 and 0.40 for non-clozapine augmentation); no effect for clozapine augmentation
Unknown: Merck Discovery   Merck mGluR5 inhibitor Collaboration with Addex Pharmaceuticals
Unknown: Promentis Preclinical   Promentis Pharmaceuticals Cysteine-Glu antiporter blocker  
WAY212922 Preclinical   Wyeth EAAT2 inhibitor