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Drugs in Trials:Acetylcholine
Drug Development status Clinical Trial ID Company or Institution Mechanism Notes
ABBF (EVP6124) POC Successful   EnVivo Pharmaceuticals α7 nAChR agonist Add-on for cognitive deficit; licensed in from Bayer
ABT089 Phase 2 NCT00391729 Abbott nAChR agonist Cognitive enhancer add-on; now in development only for ADHD
ABT-107 Discontinued   Abbott Nicotinic receptor modulator Halted March 2009
ABT-126 POC Ongoing   Abbott Nicotinic receptor modulator Positive data reported for AD
AQW051 Phase 2 NCT01730768 Novartis Pharmaceuticals a7 nAchR modulator Once daily doses for cognitive enhancement
AZ-123 Discontinued   AstraZeneca M4 positive allosteric modulator  
CD0304 Inactive   Cognitive Pharma M2 antagonist  
EVP-6124 (ABBF) Phase 3 NCT01716975 EnVivo Pharmaceuticals a7 nAChR agonist Licensed in from Bayer
Galantamine POC Failed NCT00176423 University of Maryland AChE-inhibitor, nAChR modulator Add-on for cognitive deficiency shows very moderate effects on negative symptoms but not on cognition
GTS-21 (DMXB-A) University of Florida Phase 3   University of Florida nAChR agonist Proof-of-concept study successful
GTS-21 (DMXB-A) Veterans Administration POC Completed NCT00100165 Veterans Administration Partial a7 nAChR agonist Cognitive add-on
Ispronicline (TC1374) Discontinued   AstraZeneca nAChR agonist Cognitive enhancer add-on; negative outcome
JNJ-39393406 Discontinued NCT01137799 Janssen α7 nACHR Positive allosteric modulator  
Mecamylamine POC Failed NCT00455650 Massachusetts General Hospital nAChR antagonist Prompts more smoking in schizophrenia
MEM3454 POC Failed   Memory Pharma α7 nACHR agonist Cognitive enhancer add-on als in development for Alzheimer's; Phase 2 trial in Matrics ineffective (ACNP 2009)
PNU-282987 Discontinued   Pfizer α7 nAChR Cardiac side effects in Phase 1
Sabcomeline (SB-202026) Inactive   Minster Research M1 agonist Previously used in Alzheimer's disease
SEN-WAY-X Discontinued   Sienabiotech α7 nAChR  
SSR180711 Discontinued   Sanofi α7 nAChR agonist  
TC2216 Discontinued NCT00583544 Targacept a4b2 nAChR inhibitor Might play a role in reversing depressive and negative symptoms
Transdermal Nicotine POC Completed   Harvard Medical Center Stimulates nACHR Cognitive enhancer add-on; enhances novelty detection
Unknown: Pfizer Discontinued   Pfizer a6 nAChR modulator Addresses cognitive/negative symptoms
Varenicline POC Completed NCT00455650 Massachusetts General Hospital Partial nAChR agonist Shows benefit to some cognitive outcomes as add-on, no effect on positive or psychopathology symptoms, reduces smoking partially
VRTX3 Discontinued   Vertex M1 M4 agonist Addresses glutamate dysfunction
Xanomeline POC Successful   Eli Lilly M1 agonist Previously used in Alzheimer's disease