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Animal Models:GXE
Name DA-related behavior Gating Cognitive behavior Social behavior Molecular and/or Morphological Signature Response to APD
Complexin II KO and Parietal Neurotrauma No interaction effect on open field behavior No interaction effect on PPI; increase in startle amplitude Spatial memory deficit No interaction effect on social interaction Reduced hippocampal volume  
COMT KO and Chronic THC Exposure Increased hyperactivity in open field in males   No interaction effect on object recognition; increased spatial working memory impairment No interaction effects on social interaction or social novelty preference    
DN-DISC1 and PolyI:C Exposure Hypersensitive to MK-801   Impaired object recognition; impaired fear conditioning Decreased social interaction; impaired social recognition PolyI :C exposure on postnatal days 2-6; Decreased GABAergic interneurons in mPFC Clozapine normalized sensitivity to MK-801 as well as cognitive impairment; did not improve social deficits
GAD67 Heterozygous KO and Prenatal Stress         Increased fetal corticosterone level and decreased fetal weight  
mhDISC1 and PolyI:C Exposure Increased activity in periphery of open field No PPI deficit No interaction effects on novel object recognition; sptial working memory in Y maze, or spatial learning in water maze Lack of preference for sniffing mouse vs inanimate object; normal social novelty preference PolyI:C exposure on gestation day 9; genotype affected cytokine upregulation in response to immune challenge; reduced hippocampal dendritic spine density; attenuated corticosterone response to restraint stress  
Nurr1 Heterozygous KO and PolyI:C Exposure Hyperactive in open field Increased PPI deficit Impaired attentional shifting; no interaction effect on spatial working memory   Decreased accumbal D2 receptors; decreased PFC tyrosine hydroxylase expression; increased PFC COMT expression  
PACAP KO and Early Life Social Isolation Hyperactive in open field No interaction effect on PPI or startle amplitude   Increased aggression    
Snap 25 Heterozygous KO/BDR and Prenatal Stress No interaction on open field activity PNS/Bdr mice had increased deficit in PPI No interaction effect on short-term memory in Y maze task; no effect on novel object recognition Decreased social interaction and impaired social novelty preference in PNS/Bdr mice   Clozapine improved PPI deficit in PDS/Bdr