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Animal Models:Lesion
Name DA-related behavior Gating Cognitive behavior Social behavior Molecular and/or Morphological Signature Response to APD
Neonatal Amygdalar Lesion Enhanced amphetamine or apomorphine induced locomotion; increased novelty induced locomotor activity Increased acoustic startle response but impair PPI on animals lesioned on PND 7 but not PND 21; abnormally persistent latent inhibition Impaired place navigation and spatial ability (not found by all studies); impaired spatial alternation and food hoarding Social behaviors diminished in animals lesioned on PND 7 but not 21 but ventral HPC lesions did not affect social behavior Increased lateral ventricular volume; reduced density of D1- and D2-like but not D3-like receptors and increased DA turnover in mesolimbic but not striatal regions; decreased spine density in the prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens  
Neonatal NGF-Induced Frontal Cortex Lesion Hyperactivity     Social interaction deficit    
Neonatal Ventral Hippocampal Lesion Enhanced locomotor responses to amphetamine with post-pubertal onset; enhanced meth-amphetamine self-administration Disrupted PPI; prolonged N40 latency Various impairments in learning and memory (including set-shifting and spatial working memory) Impaired social behavior Reduced presynaptic protein and growth factor expression, reduced NMDA receptor expression, impaired DA receptor expression in frontal cortex; impaired maturation of PFC; brain region- and age-specific changes in GABAA receptor expression; reduced PFC spine density; enhanced sensitivity to nicotine; increased prefrontal DA output Locomotor responses blocked by APD, social impairments blocked by clozapine but not haloperidol; clozapine reversed enhanced novelty-induced locomotor activity and rescued neuronal atrophy in the prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens
Prefrontal Cortical Lesion Lesion potentiation of amphetamine induced locomotion under high stress conditions only Medial lesions only augment PPI and lesions have no effect on LI