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Animal Models:Drug-Induced
Name DA-related behavior Gating Cognitive behavior Social behavior Molecular and/or Morphological Signature Response to APD
Basolateral Amygdala Picrotoxin Infusion-Rat           GABA antagonism in BLA decreases GAD67 in HPC, GABA antagonism in BLA increases HPC LTP
Ceftriaxone-Induced Glutamate Transporter Upregulation   Impairs PPI.        
CHX Induced Glutathione Depletion     Disrupted short-term spatial memory   Reduced striatal and cortex glutathione levels  
Disinhibition of Ventral Hippocampus Increased locomotor activity Disrupted PPI Disrupted fear conditioning   Increased accumbens and cortex dopamine Haloperidol and clozapine block hyperactivity but no effect on PPI deficit
Methamphetamine Treatment-Chronic   Disrupted PPI Impaired recognition memory   Increased TUNEL-positive cells in mPFC Memory impairment blocked by GABA(B) agonist, PPI disruption and TUNEL-positive cell counts blocked by olanzapine and risperidone
Neonatal EGF Treatment Increased locomotor activity Impaired PPI   Reduced social behavior Enhanced cAMP response to D2R activation Haloperidol reduced motoric activity, clozapine improved social deficit
NMDA Receptor Antagonist Rx (MK801, PCP, Ketamine)-Acute Increases locomotor activity and stereotopy, ataxia Disrupted PPI 1 day after PCP, and 15 minutes after PCP, but not 7 or 28 days later, abnormal latent inhibition Decreased working memory, disrupted fear conditioning, long-term spatial memory deficits, impaired passive-avoidance, recognition memory deficit Impaired social interaction Impaired LTP, decreased AMPA receptor density Enhanced locomotor responses blocked by APD, glycine transporter-1 inhibition rescues LTP, PPI disruption attenuated by admatine, glycine, D-serine, not D-cycloserine, fear conditioning disruption prevented by clozapine, but not haloperidol, LI abnormalities reversed by risperidone and M100907, passive avoidance impairment reversed by lurasidone, recognition memory deficit reversed by clozapine and D-serine, but not haloperidol