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Postdoctoral Fellow

Posted: 10 Jan 2017
The Lieber Institute for Brain Development
Baltimore, Maryland, US

The Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD) was conceived from the realization that a new approach is needed to fully exploit the unprecedented opportunities to accomplish the critical goal of helping affected individuals and their families. The LIBD aims to transform the research landscape in two ways: by providing new tools for scientific discovery and by developing new collaborative approaches to achieve our ambitious mission. The mission of the Lieber Institute for Brain Development is to translate the understanding of basic genetic and molecular mechanisms of schizophrenia and related developmental brain disorders into clinical advances that change the lives of affected individuals.

A postdoctoral research position is available to study how neuronal activity contributes to the function of cortical circuits, and ultimately, how deficits in these processes lead to disrupted brain function in psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. Current projects investigate the impact of neurotrophin signaling on synaptic plasticity, circuit development, network activity and behavior. The applicant would be working with a team of researchers on projects utilizing mouse models to understand how impaired brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) signaling impacts the activity of neuronal ensembles that lead to abnormal network activity and behavior.

Job Type: Full-time

The Lieber Institute for Brain Development offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. We understand that the health and welfare benefits provided by the Institute are important to employees and their families and this is a valuable component of the total compensation package offered to our employees. The Institute also offers the outstanding benefits of living in the Baltimore area, which gives our employees the opportunity to choose to live in or near a vibrant, fast growing city with easy access to the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • Highly self-motivated
  • PhD in Neuroscience or a related field
  • Strong interest in the biological basis of abnormal behavior associated with mental illness. Expertise/familiarity with transgenic mouse models and stereotaxic targeting/manipulation is required.
  • Experience with confocal microscopy, mouse behavior, in vivo electrophysiology/imaging or molecular biology would be advantageous.

Required Experience:

  • Molecular Biology: 1 year
  • In vivo electrophysiology/imaging: 1 year
  • Transgenic Mouse Models: 1 year
  • Confocal microscopy: 1 year

To Apply: Submit your CV and cover letter to