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Brain volume changes over the first year of treatment in schizophrenia: relationships to antipsychotic treatment.

Emsley R, Asmal L, S Plessis du, Chiliza B, Phahladira L, Kilian S
Psychol Med. 2017 Mar 28:1-10. PMID: 28347393. Pubmed


Submitted by Cameron Carter on

This is another interesting and important set of results indicating that cortical thickness and volume changes reported in schizophrenia are related, at least in part, to the effects of antipsychotic medications (both typical and atypical). The lack of relationship to outcome measures is also consistent with the idea that these changes are not clinically deleterious. Future basic research is needed to reveal the mechanisms by which these effects occur. These results should give pause to the idea that schizophrenia (at least when treated) is a progressive brain disorder, an inference often made on the basis of gray matter volume and thickness reductions measured using MRI.