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Sullivan P, Posthuma D. on NEWS: Deciphering Themes for Schizophrenia’s Genetic Variation, Gilman et al. pose exceptionally important and salient questions: given that increasingly... 16 Nov 2012. 

Sullivan P. on NEWS: Exome Sequencing Hints at Prenatal Genes in Schizophrenia, This paper by the productive group at Columbia increases our knowledge of the role of rare... 5 Oct 2012. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Maurano MT. et al., 2012, This Science paper has bearing on the genomic basis of complex traits, including... 12 Sep 2012. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER:  . et al., 2012, This is an important new study from the Irish Schizophrenia Genomics Consortium and the... 30 Aug 2012. 

Sullivan P. on NEWS: New Mutations Mount as Fathers Age, Kong et al. sequenced 78 pedigree clusters (mostly parent-offspring trios) to around 30x... 27 Aug 2012. 

Sullivan P, Szatkiewicz J. on NEWS: Chromosomal Mishaps in Autism Harbor Schizophrenia Candidate Genes, In this exceptional paper, the authors combined new technology with old-school genomics to... 29 May 2012. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Stein JL. et al., 2012, This is one of a series of three papers in Nature Genetics of relevance to students of the... 23 Apr 2012. 

Sullivan P. on NEWS: Autism Exome: Lessons for Schizophrenia?, Fascinating papers that likely presage work in the pipeline from multiple groups for... 23 Apr 2012. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Stahl EA. et al., 2012, This paper is not about schizophrenia, but holds lessons for those interested in the... 3 Apr 2012. 

Sullivan P. on NEWS: GWAS Goes Bigger: Large Sample Sizes Uncover New Risk Loci, Additional Overlap in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, The two papers appearing online in Nature Genetics last Sunday are truly important additions... 26 Sep 2011. 

Sullivan P, Collins A. on PAPER: Roussos P. et al., 2012, Roussos and colleagues conducted a study that, in part, follows up findings from large-scale... 21 Sep 2011. 

Sullivan P, Szatkiewicz J. on PAPER: Xu B. et al., 2011, Xu et al. (2011) tested the hypothesis that de-novo exon mutations play a major role in... 23 Aug 2011. 

Sullivan P, Szatkiewicz J. on PAPER: Girard SL. et al., 2011, Girard et al. sequenced the exomes of 14 parent-child trios, each comprising an individual... 19 Aug 2011. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Maiti S. et al., 2011, As a researcher with considerable interest in monozygotic twins, I read this paper with great... 21 Jun 2011. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Zhang F. et al., 2011, This paper is mostly a reanalysis of published genomewide association study data for... 25 Mar 2011. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Dickson SP. et al., 2010, One year later. As I wrote in my critique, "It would be of interest to hear what... 26 Jan 2011. 

Sullivan P. on PAPER: Dickson SP. et al., 2010, “Synthetic” Ado About Nothing? For those uninitiated into the arcane ways of... 9 Feb 2010. 

Sullivan P. on WHAT WE KNOW: The unexpressed genetic liability to schizophrenia affects cognitive and brain functioning and brain structure. The most prominent impairments in individuals with heightened genetic liability, such as in patients' nonpsychotic relatives, have been measured on executive functioning. Overall gray matter and hippocampal volume are also slightly smaller in the relatives of patients with schizophrenia., Recent empirical data cast doubt on the relevance of all of the listed genes for... 10 May 2008. 

1 to 18 of 18 results

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