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Seeman P. on NEWS: Elusive Hybrid Dopamine Receptor Stirs Controversy, Numerous papers cited by the other authors in this discussion have already confirmed that D1... 20 Jan 2015. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Bigger Schizophrenia GWAS Reports More Than 100 Hits, Of the many DNA regions found to be associated with schizophrenia in this study (Ripke et... 22 Jul 2014. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Sodium Nitroprusside Rapidly Quells Schizophrenia Symptoms, Hopefully, this apparent antipsychotic action of nitroprusside can be replicated. In the... 15 May 2013. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Brain Anatomy Revealed With CLARITY, Ramón y Cajal is alive and well, but renamed Karl Deisseroth. 12 Apr 2013. 

Seeman P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Taking Stock of Glutamate in Schizophrenia, The dopamine-like action of phencyclidine inhibits the release of prolactin from primary... 8 Feb 2013. 

Seeman P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Taking Stock of Glutamate in Schizophrenia, This is in reply to the excellent preliminary questions: 1. Q: How to reconcile... 23 Jan 2013. 

Seeman P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Taking Stock of Glutamate in Schizophrenia, While it is important to pursue several basic approaches in treating psychosis, it is a fact... 17 Jan 2013. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Opinions Mixed on Future for Lilly’s mGluR2/3 Agonist for Schizophrenia, The Lilly results of 11 July 2012 are not surprising, considering that the main ingredient of... 22 Aug 2012. 

Seeman P. on PAPER: Tischbirek CH. et al., 2012, Regrettably, despite the elegant methods, the antipsychotic concentrations applied were not... 15 Jun 2012. 

Seeman P. on PAPER: Higley MJ. et al., 2010, There are multiple pathways to psychosis and schizophrenia, all associated with dopamine... 12 Jul 2010. 

Seeman P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Is the Risk Syndrome for Psychosis Risky Business?, The psychosis-risk syndrome is worth being recognized by the next DSM because the syndrome is... 20 Jul 2009. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Studies Suggest Potential Roles for Dysbindin in Schizophrenia, The publication by Iizuka and colleagues is an important advance toward unraveling the basic... 29 Nov 2007. 

Seeman P. on WHAT WE KNOW: The extent of patients' cognitive deficits generally predicts functioning in work, social interactions, and independent living perhaps even more than symptom expression., Suggested addition into the section on “Etiological Factors”: Although no appropriate... 31 Oct 2007. 

Seeman P. on NEWS: Functional Variation at CHI3L1 Gene Linked to Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia may involve alterations in neuronal cell growth, migration, connectivity,... 28 Nov 2006. 

Seeman P, Sumiyoshi T. on NEWS: Dopamine D2 Receptors Accentuate the Positive ... and the Cognitive?, Comment by Tomiki Sumiyoshi and Philip Seeman Kellendonk et al. report various... 8 Mar 2006. 

1 to 15 of 15 results

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