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Sawa A. on NEWS: ICOSR 2015—Animal Modelers of Psychosis Take Stock, Schizophrenia Research Forum (SRF) has maintained a Web-based database on animal models for... 16 Jun 2015. 

Sawa A, Gamo N. on NEWS: Neural Progenitor Cells Model Aspects of Schizophrenia, This study introduces a novel use of neural progenitor cells (NPCs) derived from human... 7 May 2014. 

Sawa A, Hayes L. on PAPER: Giovanoli S. et al., 2013, In a time when gene-environment interactions are the hot topic, Giovanoli et al. pushed the... 8 Mar 2013. 

Sawa A, Cascella N. on PAPER: Clarke MC. et al., 2012, The paper by Clarke and colleagues is another piece of epidemiologic evidence showing that... 21 Mar 2012. 

Sawa A, Horiuchi Y, Kano S, Wilson A. on NEWS: The Life and Times of the Human Brain Transcriptome, These two new papers show the spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression in the human... 1 Dec 2011. 

Sawa A, Horiuchi Y, Gassó Astorga P. on PAPER: Benítez-King G. et al., 2011, We find significance in the recent paper from the Domínguez-Alonso’s group on “a non-invasive... 23 Aug 2011. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: Researchers Model Susceptibility to Schizophrenia in a Petri Dish, I fully appreciate the efforts of Brennand and colleagues as pioneers. Indeed, this is great... 13 Apr 2011. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Brown SM. et al., 2011, It is very difficult to model schizophrenia in mice. Nonetheless, mouse models would be... 8 Mar 2011. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Schoder D. et al., 2010, This is a very interesting study to test possible morbid risk between schizophrenia and... 10 Dec 2010. 

Sawa A, Kano S. on PAPER: Matigian N. et al., 2010 Nov-Dec, The new paper from Alan Mackay-Sim’s group on molecular profiling with human olfactory... 19 Aug 2010. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Zhou X. et al., 2010, The paper by Dr. Zhou and colleagues, describing insoluble DISC1-Boymaw fusion proteins... 14 Jul 2010. 

Sawa A, Seshadri S, Kamiya A, Anton E. on NEWS: Convergence Zone: NRG1 Signaling Linked to DISC1 Expression, We are very glad to see Dr. Law’s thoughtful and very supportive comments on the work by... 4 May 2010. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Ellman LM. et al., 2009, The role of the immune system in brain disorder research is becoming a hot topic in terms of... 26 Oct 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Bernstein HG. et al., 2009, Sleep could potentially be both a biomarker and therapeutic target for schizophrenia. ... 23 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Kale A. et al., 2009, At present, any positive data from drug-naive subjects are of interest. 9 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Markowitz JD. et al., 2008, Delirium is a very frequent condition that many physicians (not only psychiatrists) come across.... 9 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Beveridge NJ. et al., 2010, MicroRNA is a hot topic to be covered, especially in association with disease pathology. 9 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Kalbe E. et al., 2009, Recommendation Only. 9 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Seillier A. et al., 2009, The differences and similarities of PCP and MK801 have not been systematically addressed yet... 9 Sep 2009. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: DISC1: A Matter of Life or Death for Neural Progenitors, Mao and colleagues’ present outstanding work sheds light on a novel function of DISC1.... 8 Apr 2009. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: Human-like DISC1 Mutation Causes Morphological and Cognitive Deficits, A leading group studying DISC1, led by Drs. Gogos and Karayiogou, has recently published an... 16 May 2008. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: Architect of Synaptic Plasticity Links Spine Form and Function, Synaptic disturbance in the pathology of schizophrenia is a well-established idea. Lewis’s... 29 Dec 2007. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: DISC1 Fragment Ties Schizophrenia-like Symptoms to Development in Mice, DISC1 may be a promising entry point to explore important disease pathways for schizophrenia... 3 Dec 2007. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: DISC1: A Maestro of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis?, I am very glad that our colleagues at Johns Hopkins University have published a very... 13 Sep 2007. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: New Spin on DISC1—Mouse Mutation Impairs Behavior, This is outstanding work reporting DISC1 genetically engineered mice. Thus far, one type of... 8 May 2007. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: Neuregulin and ErbB4 Mutant Mice Reveal Myelin and Synaptic Deficits, Neuregulin1 (NRG1) is the most promising risk factor for schizophrenia, and the study of the... 4 May 2007. 

Sawa A. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The DISC1 Pathway in Major Mental Illness: Clinical, Genetic and Biological Evidence—Current Status and Future Prospects, On behalf of all the investigators who believe DISC1 is a promising lead to understanding the... 16 Mar 2007. 

Sawa A. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The DISC1 Pathway in Major Mental Illness: Clinical, Genetic and Biological Evidence—Current Status and Future Prospects, I have been impressed by the recent paper in Molecular Psychiatry ( 16 Jan 2007. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: DISC1 Delivers—Genetic, Molecular Studies Link Protein to Axonal Transport, Although DISC1 is multifunctional, its role for neurite outgrowth has been substantially... 12 Jan 2007. 

Sawa A. on PAPER: Camargo LM. et al., 2007, DISC1 is a promising risk factor for schizophrenia and mood disorders. DISC1 may also be... 28 Oct 2006. 

1 to 30 of 33 results

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