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Mirnics K. on NEWS: A Model Is a Model Is a Model of Mental Illness?, I think that we are often making a mistake if we directly declare what disease are we... 15 Nov 2013. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: Brain Anatomy Revealed With CLARITY, The Deisseroth lab has done it again! This is an amazing technical advance that can... 10 Apr 2013. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: A Bird’s Eye View of the Schizophrenia Transcriptome, This is perhaps the best and most comprehensive transcriptome dataset of schizophrenia... 28 Aug 2012. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: Altered Gene Expression Prioritizes CNVs in Autism, This is another excellent genomics study from the Geschwind laboratory, challenging us to... 16 Jul 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Malavasi EL. et al., 2012, The authors report that both the rare DISC1 variant 37W and the common variant 607F... 21 May 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Eykelenboom JE. et al., 2012, DISC1 is a well-established gene conferring schizophrenia susceptibility in a subset of... 21 May 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Zeng H. et al., 2012, The manuscript of Zheng and colleagues tackles one of the key questions of neuroscience: what... 18 Apr 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Poduri A. et al., 2012, Not that long ago, we thought that the DNA in our all somatic cells was identical.... 18 Apr 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Kerin T. et al., 2012, Well done! In addition to DNA sequence diversity, methylation, transcriptional and... 12 Apr 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Schwarz E. et al., 2012, The search for schizophrenia biomarkers has long been a focus of our research community.... 15 Mar 2012. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Coughlin JM. et al., 2012, The central finding of this letter to the editor by Coughlin et al. is a dramatically reduced... 5 Mar 2012. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: The Life and Times of the Human Brain Transcriptome, Well done! Finally, some systematic transcriptome profiling of the human brain on a large... 31 Oct 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Silberberg G. et al., 2012, RNA editing is a much underappreciated and understudied regulatory mechanism of gene... 18 Oct 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Demontis D. et al., 2011, I like this study, as it nicely combines genetic studies of NMDA receptor encoding genes with... 26 Sep 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Van Haren NE. et al., 2011, I am still struggling with the concept of cortical thinning in patients over time. I think... 16 Sep 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Roussos P. et al., 2012, This is another good postmortem study from the Haroutunian laboratory. Although the studies... 13 Sep 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Andreasen NC. et al., 2011, This approach is noteworthy—in the fashionable world of CNVs, we must not forget our... 7 Sep 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Arakelyan A. et al., 2011, Immune disturbances in schizophrenia are well documented, albeit there is a large variability... 6 Sep 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Engmann O. et al., 2011, This is a valiant effort to try to link a mouse model with postmortem findings and... 29 Aug 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Matevosyan NR. et al., 2011, Several lines of evidence suggest a higher prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in... 19 Aug 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Lieberman JA. et al., 2011, Mega-studies, while very important for deciphering critical trends associated with a disease... 19 Aug 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Leitman DI. et al., 2011, The manuscript by Leitman et al. is an intriguing study of sensory contributions to... 3 Aug 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Li M. et al., 2011, While the classic DNA-RNA-protein dogma might not be dead, it is clearly a gross... 27 May 2011. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Buonocore F. et al., 2010, Production of active proteins is dependent on many different regulatory processes: epigenetic... 5 Nov 2010. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: Gene Expression Study May Open Window on Brain Development, This outstanding study reinforces how much we still do not understand about human brain... 15 Jun 2009. 

Mirnics K, Torrey F. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Gene Expression Profiling of Postmortem Human Brain, Summary of Workshop Regarding Future Use of Stanley Brain Collection Tissue (30... 30 Dec 2007. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: Genetics, Expression Profiling Support GABA Deficits in Schizophrenia, The evidence is becoming overwhelming that the GABA system disturbances are a critical... 26 Jun 2007. 

Mirnics K. on PAPER: Glatt SJ. et al., 2005, The manuscript by Glatt et al. raises important questions: Can combining data from blood and... 21 Oct 2005. 

1 to 28 of 28 results

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