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Goldberg T. on PAPER: Maccabe JH. et al., 2013, Intellectual decline in schizophrenia has been an area of active investigation for well over... 12 Feb 2013. 

Goldberg T. on PAPER: Green MF. et al., 2011, This is a comprehensive, lucid, and transparent account of the psychometric characteristics... 24 Mar 2011. 

Goldberg T. on PAPER: Sharma A. et al., 2010, There are many interesting features to this study of event-related coherence between frontal... 23 Nov 2010. 

Goldberg T. on NEWS: Brain Training Falls Short in Big Online Experiment, This important paper by Owen and colleagues reads like a cautionary tale. In a Web-based... 7 May 2010. 

Goldberg T. on NEWS: Cognition and Dopamine—D1 Receptors a Damper on Working Memory?, This is an important article that describes profound changes in the dopamine D1 receptor... 3 Mar 2009. 

Goldberg T. on PAPER: Kremen WS. et al., 2007, We have very similar results from the NIMH Sibling study: There was no difference between... 24 May 2007. 

Goldberg T. on NEWS: The New "Inverted U”—Cellular Basis for Dopamine Response Pinpointed, In this landmark study, Arnsten and colleagues used a full dopamine agonist in awake behaving... 6 Apr 2007. 

Goldberg T. on NEWS: Priming the LTP Pump—Dopamine Delivers in Prefrontal Cortex, Matsuda et al. demonstrate that priming D1 and D2 receptors may induce LTP; otherwise, LTD... 20 Jun 2006. 

Goldberg T. on NEWS: Relational Memory Deficits Traced to Parietal Cortex/Hippocampus, Ongur, Heckers, and colleagues present an interesting set of findings about memory in... 19 Jun 2006. 

1 to 9 of 9 results

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