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Search or browse comments posted on research articles or SRF news stories. And share your thoughts and ideas by posting your own comments.
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McMahon F. on PAPER: Loohuis LM. et al., 2015, Interesting approach, even though it is difficult to sort true positive genes from the false... 20 Jul 2015. 

Takahashi T. on PAPER: Shah JL. et al., 2015, This interesting MRI study replicated the findings of Garner et al. ( 17 Jul 2015. 

Barrantes-Vidal N, Lenzenweger M. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: How Can Schizotypy Inform Schizophrenia Research?, Editor's Note: We did not get to all the questions from our audience during the webinar, but... 16 Jul 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Fu Y. et al., 2015, I am automatically drawn to twin studies, especially when they are unique and sophisticated... 14 Jul 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Shubik M. et al., 2015, This very touching and informative Perspective in Science is actually an obituary for John... 14 Jul 2015. 

Gottesman I. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: How Can Schizotypy Inform Schizophrenia Research?, Incredible that SRF could get this webinar online in lightning speed. THANK YOU. The... 9 Jul 2015. 

Jimenez A. on PAPER: van Erp TG. et al., 2015, This project offers an exciting advance in the field of psychiatric neuroimaging, allowing... 6 Jul 2015. 

Pinault D. on NEWS: ICOSR 2015—Animal Modelers of Psychosis Take Stock, Non-Human Animal Models for Mental Health Disorders First of all, I would like to thank... 6 Jul 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Kirov G. et al., 2015, Nice overview from an authority in the field. Will smaller CNVs be found to play a more... 6 Jul 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Milaneschi Y. et al., 2015, Interesting exploratory study emphasizing the genetic heterogeneity of major depression. 6 Jul 2015. 

Huang M. on PAPER: Walling D. et al., 2015, Walling et al., (2015) reported a Phase 2 clinical trial of TC-5619, an alpha7 nicotinic... 6 Jul 2015. 

Marder S. on PAPER: Keefe RS. et al., 2015, This is a Phase 2 trial of an alpha7 nicotinic agonist that shows significant effects for... 29 Jun 2015. 

Bartsch U. on PAPER: Berry JA. et al., 2015, Recently, sleep has been shown to promote memory consolidation ( 28 Jun 2015. 

Tsai L, Siegert S. on PAPER: Olde Loohuis NF. et al., 2015, MicroRNA-137 Is Needed at Pre- and Postsynaptic Side In the recent issue of Cell Reports,... 23 Jun 2015. 

Taylor S. on PAPER: Corcoran CM. et al., 2015, In recent years, the field has seen a growing interest in socioemotional processes in the... 23 Jun 2015. 

Jaworski M. on PAPER: Pocklington AJ. et al., 2015, Interesting paper showing that recurrent CNVs in schizophrenia implicate the GABAergic... 23 Jun 2015. 

Ragland J. on PAPER: Satterthwaite TD. et al., 2015, To identify resting-state brain networks that differ between groups, investigators most... 17 Jun 2015. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Kendler KS. et al., 2015, It is well known that people with schizophrenia are more likely to smoke tobacco, and the... 17 Jun 2015. 

Sawa A. on NEWS: ICOSR 2015—Animal Modelers of Psychosis Take Stock, Schizophrenia Research Forum (SRF) has maintained a Web-based database on animal models for... 16 Jun 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Wong AH. et al., 2015, Although these informed authors may be preaching to the converted for the readership of this... 15 Jun 2015. 

Kaufman J. on NEWS: Creative Arts and Mental Illness Share Genetic Spark, Something Old, Something New I write this commentary as a creativity researcher, not a... 10 Jun 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Curtis D. et al., 2015, The results of this paper should be of interest to those researchers who have been promoting... 10 Jun 2015. 

Olive F. on NEWS: New Antipsychotic Drug? Bypassing the NMDA Receptor With mGluR5, These exciting findings represent a paradigm shift in current theories and drug development... 7 Jun 2015. 

Geerts H. on NEWS: ICOSR 2015—Animal Modelers of Psychosis Take Stock, I just wanted to comment on the expression, "All models are wrong, but some are useful." A... 1 Jun 2015. 

Marder S. on PAPER: McGrath JJ. et al., 2015, This large epidemiologic study found that psychotic experiences are relatively common and... 1 Jun 2015. 

Eyles D. on NEWS: ICOSR 2015—Animal Modelers of Psychosis Take Stock, Good to see at last this type of frank and refreshing sober look at our field. I think all... 13 May 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Lencz T. et al., 2015, The strategy implicated by these experts should stimulate considerable interest in the wider... 12 May 2015. 

Kocsis B. on PAPER: Hirano Y. et al., 2015, Gamma in schizophrenia: does it increase or decrease? This report in JAMA Psychiatry from... 5 May 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Noor A. et al., 2015, This is an interesting strategy for narrowing down what can be a long list of candidate genes... 29 Apr 2015. 

Kubo K. on NEWS: New Role for DISC1 in mRNA Transport, In their recent paper, Tsuboi and colleagues write that "the DISC1-/- mouse displays no gross... 17 Apr 2015. 

1 to 30 of 30 results

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