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Harrison PJ, Weinberger DR. Schizophrenia genes, gene expression, and neuropathology: on the matter of their convergence. Mol Psychiatry. 2005 Aug ; 10(8):804. Pubmed Abstract

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Comment by:  Avi Peled
Submitted 29 September 2006
Posted 29 September 2006

The relevance of synaptic plasticity to schizophrenia has been mentioned in this work and in many others. However, the mechanisms of neuronal plasticity have not been used to conceptualize a theoretical framework suggesting exactly in what way it is relevant to the development and maintenance of mental disorders. I have recently published two theoretical papers toward this goal, attempting furthermore to show its relevancy to a novel psychiatric diagnosis. See also


Peled A. Brain profiling and clinical neuroscience. Medical Hypothesis 2006 May 12; [Epub ahead of print] Abstract

Peled A. Plasticity imbalance in mental disorders the neuroscience of psychiatry: Implications for diagnosis and research. Medical Hypothesis 2005 July 1. Abstract

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