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15 October 2005. Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum website—a virtual community for science about schizophrenia and related disorders. Our Mission is to help researchers in their quest for causes, improved treatments, and better understanding of schizophrenia. The Internet gives us an extraordinary tool with which to organize knowledge and promote dialogue, speeding up the pace of discovery.

Working with a Scientific Advisory Board comprising leaders in different areas of schizophrenia research, SRF will bring you up-to-date content of the highest quality, addressing research in schizophrenia, related disorders, and basic science that promises to shed light on these mysteries.

This is your website

We need you! Think of SRF as a hypertext, where researchers can create and debate, learn and collaborate. The SRF editorial staff (along with the rest of the SRF Team) will bring you timely news and fascinating content from far-flung corners of the neuroscience universe, but this is ultimately your site to shape and build.

Send us your perspectives, constructive critiques, and alternative interpretations, on:

We encourage you to contact SRF editor, Hakon Heimer, with suggestions for online Live Discussions. Propose Current Hypothesis papers that you'd like to see or write. Feeling more informal? Visit Idea Lab and offer hors d'oeuvres for thought. You can also read and send follow-up questions to the subjects of our SRF Interviews with eminent researchers, as well as to the leaders of our Live Discussions.

You may be hearing from SRF, inviting you to share your expertise and comment on new findings and trends. If you do, we hope you'll respond. And if through some inexplicable oversight on our part, you haven't received an invitation to comment on some topic you care about, we are counting on you to take the initiative and contact us. Remember, the SRF was created to serve you.

Help us create resources

SRF provides online resources to help you in your research. On our Research Tools page, you can browse websites with useful and just plain interesting biomedical information. The Jobs, Conferences, and Journals can help you keep current and plan for the future. For all of these pages, we welcome your suggestions for additions.

We also encourage you to suggest entire new website sections. Perhaps we can work together to fund and create new directories or databases.

A world of thanks

A little History is in order. The Schizophrenia Research Forum came about from the early efforts of Hakon Heimer and June Kinoshita, founder and executive editor of the Alzheimer Research Forum. With Alzforum's technical support, and June's sage advice, the SRF team was able to find support for the website within the schizophrenia research community. We are grateful that June will be serving on our first Scientific Advisory Board, because we will be able to continue to seek her advice as we go forward.

We also owe immense gratitude to the National Institute of Mental Health, especially to director Tom Insel and his senior advisor on schizophrenia, Mayada Akil. Along with Connie and Steve Lieber, Steve Doochin, and Audra Moran at NARSAD, they have provided essential support and expertise to help the SRF team create more than a website. We hope to be a daily newspaper, a town meeting hall, a library, and more for the schizophrenia research community.

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Join now! It only takes two minutes, and by registering, you will help us tailor the site to our individual users and help you network with colleagues who share similar interests. You may search the member database by a person's name, geographic location, clinical fields, and research interests. We will not share member information with outside parties.

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We hope this is your first visit of many. Make us your browser homepage, click on What's New, and explore the site while having your morning tea or coffee. Then dust the crumbs off your keyboards and send in your comments on our offerings!

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Submitted 29 July 2007
Posted 29 July 2007

The Schizophrenia Research Forum will help participants to gain both new advanced research and share experience taking care of patients.

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