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The Schizophrenia Research Forum owes its existence to many people, not to mention a series of fortunate events. The first is the tremendous success of the Alzheimer Research Forum in helping create a virtual research community and in accelerating progress in the neurodegenerative disease field.

In 2003, after writing for several years for "Alzforum," Hakon Heimer was interested in building a similar community for research into schizophrenia—a disease affecting one of his siblings. Alzforum founder and editor June Kinoshita generously offered the technical assistance of the Alzheimer Research Forum to help develop such a site.

A number of researchers helped at the outset to raise support and funding, and we owe special thanks to Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Carol Tamminga, and Daniel Weinberger. With their help, a partnership was formed with NARSAD, the Mental Health Research Association (now the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation). NARSAD helped the Schizophrenia Research Forum team secure a three-year contract with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to support the website's development and first years of operation. Currently, the BBRF provides all support for the SRF website. The site represents an exciting and nontraditional approach for the BBRF as it seeks to accelerate the progress of neuroscientific research. SRF also forms part of the NIMH's vision of promoting partnerships within the research community.

The SRF project team works with the BBRF to provide a website with editorial independence, dedicated to researchers, and open, free of charge, to all users. A diverse Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance on the website's content and policies.

For information on how to support SRF, please see Support Us.