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TV Neuroscientist—With Schizophrenia, No Less!—Solves Crimes

Posted on 29 Jul 2012

Eric Mccormick of Will & Grace fame returns to the small screen.

Perhaps you've seen the latest new twist on a crime procedural from TNT. Called Perception, it features a brilliant "neuroscience professor" who uses Sherlock Holmes-like deductive prowess to help the FBI solve crimes. This professor also happens to be living with paranoid schizophrenia.


We have our own thoughts about the show's depiction of the academic life (BIG office—lots of free time), but we also wonder what our readers think of this TV depiction of schizophrenia. Interestingly, one of the character's main symptoms seems to be visual hallucinations (he hallucinates people who help him solve the crime).

If you've seen the show, post a comment with your thoughts. If not, you can catch the show Mondays on TNT (10 p.m., EST) and watch back episodes online.