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2013 International Congress on Schizophrenia Research

21-25 April, Orlando, Florida

The biannual International Congress on Schizophrenia Research (ICOSR) was held 21-25 April 2013 in Orlando, Florida, at the JW Marriott Hotel Orlando Grande Lakes. It was preceded by the International Prodromal Research Network Psychosis Satellite Meeting and the University of Miami-International Congress Cognition Satellite Meeting, both at the same location.


Exploring Variation in Schizophrenia Around the Globe—James Kirkbride
Mysterious RNAs Provide Clues for Schizophrenia—Michele Solis
Is the Psychosis Continuum for Real?—Helen Fisher
Schizophrenia in DSM-5 and ICD-11—Allison A. Curley
Creating Vulnerability via Epigenetics—Monica Aas
Olfactory Clues to Schizophrenia—Michele Solis
Cognitive Neuroscience Addresses Schizophrenia—Jared W. Young
Is Schizophrenia a Progressive Disease?—Anvi K. Vora
Can Drugs Boost Cognitive Therapies for Schizophrenia?—Savita Bhakta
The Research Enterprise, as Seen by People With Schizophrenia—Michele Solis
The Benefits of BrainCloud—Allison A. Curley


Identifying and Treating the Psychosis Prodrome—Michele Solis
Divvying Up the Prodrome—Michele Solis