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2011 Society for Neuroscience

2-6 April 2011, Colorado Springs, Colorado

2011 Society for Neuroscience Conference
12-16 November, Washington, DC

We invite you to read these news stories and blogs from the meeting:

Reprogramming Human Cells to Model Brain Diseases—Elise Malavasi
Lessons From a Tumor: Cancer Research Foreshadows CNS Epigenetics—Allison A. Curley
Sex, Stress, Immunity, and Neurodevelopment—Elise Malavasi
Connectomics and Schizophrenia (Part 1)—Scott Bolkan
Connectomics and Schizophrenia (Part 2)—Scott Bolkan

The Functional Neurogenesis blog wades into the disparate findings in posters on how stress influences adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus, and comes up with the message that context matters.—Posted 15 November 2011
Emerging from a mobbed optogenetics poster aisle, Brainteresting mentions one poster on how parvalbumin-containing interneurons shape pyramidal neuron responses.—Posted 15 November 2011
Scicurious blogs about a poster showing that food motivation is swayed by the types of serotonin receptors activated in the nucleus accumbens in rats. Perhaps there will be a link there with atypical antipsychotic weight gain?—Posted 15 November 2011
Guitchounts blogs about the new opto-fMRI technique, which might circumvent some of the pitfalls of conventional fMRI.—Posted 15 November 2011
Blogger Scicurious has written an amusing and informative guide for first-timers on how to get the most out of (or just survive) the 35,000-scientist cattle drive that is the SfN meeting.—Posted 15 November 2011

Schizophrenia Social 2011

Robin Cunningham

The Schizophrenia Social at SfN 2011 featured a fascinating lecture by Robin Cunningham, who described how he managed a "normal" life with a business career and a family, despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 13. SRF was a sponsor of the event, along with the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research, the Lieber Institute for Brain Development, and the Stanley Center for Cognitive Genomics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

View Schizophrenia Social 2011 Slideshow: