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SRF Papers Search Terms

Updated 1 July 2014

SRF's automated search, developed with our Advisory Board, downloads citations from PubMed each night. Once a week, the SRF editorial staff looks through the downloaded citations, eliminates anything that is not relevant, then makes the remaining citations available as the Current Papers for that week.

We are fairly confident that the term "schizophren*" and "psychosi*" pull in most of the core papers of interest to researchers in schizophrenia, and we must stress that we are not trying to replicate PubMed. But we want to make sure we're getting most of the papers in related disorders and basic science that are relevant to the enterprise of discovering causes and treatments for schizophrenia. Thus, we search on other terms and keep a subset of papers with that term. Our search term list currently pulls in about 140 papers per week, and of these, our editorial staff excludes about 20 percent.

If you have suggestions about refining this search list, keep in mind that there has to be a high signal-to-noise ratio. One way to help us is to test your candidate search term on PubMed before sending it to us. Search "[CANDIDATE TERM] not schizophrenia not psychosis." If you get only a couple of clearly relevant hits in the first 20 papers, that would probably not be a useful term. For example: the terms p50 and p300 are also the name of proteins, and the EEG papers pulled in are usually too basic or in unrelated disorders. We can't cover the whole field of EEG research.

Here's another approach: Search the SRF Papers database for your own papers and discover which are missing but ought to be included, and try to determine why.

SRF PubMed Search Terms, Updated June 2014

1. All papers from the journals Schizophrenia Research or Schizophrenia Bulletin

2. psychosi*[tw]

3. psychoto*[tw]

4. psychomi*[tw]

5. psychose[tw]

6. psychoses[tw]

7. psychoti*[tw]

8. schizophren*[tw]

9. schizoaffect*[tw]

10. schizotyp*[tw]

11. "schizophrenia+and+disorders+with+psychotic+features"[mh]

12. disc1[tw]

13. disc2[tw]

14. hyperdopamine*[tw]

15. endophenotyp*[tw]

16. antipsychoti*[tw]

17. velocardiofacial[tw]

18. vcfs[tw]

19. shprintzen[tw]

20. digeorge[tw]

21. 22q11*[tw]

22. drd3[tw]+AND+review[pt]

23. drd5[tw]+AND+review[pt]

24. dopamine[tw]+AND+d2[tw]+AND+review[pt]

25. drd2[tw]+AND+review[pt]

26. nmda+receptor+a1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

27. n+methyl+D+aspartate+receptor+1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

28. n+methyl+d+aspartate+receptor+subunit+1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

29. n+methyl+d+aspartate+receptor+nr1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

30. n+methyl+d+aspartate+receptor+subunit+nr1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

31. NMDAR1[tw]+AND+review[pt]

32. dopamine[tw]+AND+d3[tw]+AND+review[pt]

33. dopamine[tw]+AND+d5[tw]+AND+review[pt]

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