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Schizophrenia Research Forum: Researcher Profile - Abraham Rudnick
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Researcher Profile - Abraham Rudnick

First Name:Abraham
Last Name:Rudnick
Title:Associate Professor
Advanced Degrees:MD, PhD
Affiliation:University of Western Ontario
Department:Psychiatry and Philosophy
Street Address 1:Regional Mental Health Care
Street Address 2:850 Highbury Avenue
Zip/Postal Code:N6A4H1
Email Address:
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Member reports no financial or other potential conflicts of interest. [Last Modified: 29 October 2007]
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Clinical Interests:
Schizophrenia, Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Research Focus:
Ethics; Psychiatric rehabilitation
Work Sector(s):
Medical hospital, University
Web Sites:
Professional: UWO.CA
Reasearcher Bio
MD - 1990.
PhD (in philosophy) - 1999.
Specialist in Psychiatry - 1999.
Fellow in Psychiatry - 1999-2001.
Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner - 2001-present.
Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Philosophy - 2004-present.
Top Papers
Rudnick A. The impact of coping on the relation
between symptoms and quality of life in
schizophrenia. Psychiatry. 64: 304-308, 2001.
Rudnick A, Kravetz S. The relation of social
support seeking to quality of life in
schizophrenia. Journal of Nervous and Mental
Disease. 189: 258-262, 2001.
Rudnick A. The goals of psychiatric
rehabilitation: an ethical analysis.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 25: 310-
313, 2002.
Rudnick A. The molecular turn in psychiatry: a
philosophical analysis. Journal of Medicine
and Philosophy. 27: 287-296, 2002.
Rudnick A. The ground of dialogical bioethics.
Health Care Analysis. 10: 391-402, 2002.
Rudnick A. Paranoia and reinforced dogmatism:
beyond critical rationality. Philosophy of
the Social Sciences. 33: 339-350, 2003.
Rudnick A. Burden of caregivers of mentally ill
individuals in Israel: a family participatory
study. International Journal of Psychosocial
Rehabilitation. 9: 147-152, 2004.
Rudnick A. Psychiatric leisure rehabilitation:
conceptualization and illustration.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 29: 63-
65, 2005.
Rudnick A. Processes and pitfalls of dialogical
bioethics. Health Care Analysis. 15: 123-135,
Rudnick A. Recovery from schizophrenia: a
philosophical framework. American Journal of
Psychiatric rehabilitation. In press.
If resources were not limited, what research projects would you pursue?
1. Improving competence to consent to or refuse treatment of people with severe schizophrenia.
2. Improving outcomes people with refractory schizophrenia.
What is your leading hypothesis?
Broad outcomes of people with schizophrenia can be improved regardless of symptom severity.
What piece of missing evidence would help prove it?
Very good vocational outcomes.
What is your fallback position?
Other broad outcomes can be very good, unrelated to vocational outcomes.

Research Participants
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