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Schizophrenia Research Forum: Researcher Profile - William Honer
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Researcher Profile - William Honer

First Name:William
Last Name:Honer
Advanced Degrees:MD
Affiliation:University of British Columbia
Street Address 1:211-828 West 10th Ave
Zip/Postal Code:V5Z 1L8
Email Address:
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Clinical Interests:
Drug abuse, Neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., 22q11 deletion syndromes), Bipolar disorder , Schizophrenia
Research Focus:
Genetics, Glia/myelin, Brain imaging, Clinical trials, Neuropathology, Proteomics
Work Sector(s):
Reasearcher Bio
Dr. Honer trained in medicine at Queen’s University in Kinston, Ontario and received his MD in 1984. Following a year of internal medicine training at the Vancouver General Hospital, he was a resident in psychiatry at the New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University for three years. During the final year of his residency program, and for the next three years, Dr. Honer was a research fellow at Columbia University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he was a member of Dr. Peter Davies’ neuropathology research group.

Dr. Honer moved to Vancouver in 1991, and is now the Jack Bell Chair in Schizophrenia Research and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. He directs the Centre for Complex Disorders, and is a consultant psychiatrist for Vancouver General Hospital and for PHSA Mental Health (Riverview Hospital). In addition to his extensive contributions on the etiology and pathophysiology of schizophrenia, he has studied brain structure and treatment response in first-episode and treatment refractory patients.

Dr. Honer received the Young Investigator Award of the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology in 1997 and a Scientist Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. He is the author of 150 peer-reviewed publications and has authored the assessment section of the Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Schizophrenia.
Top Papers
1. Sawada K, Barr AM, Nakamura M, Arima K, Young CE, Dwork AJ, Falkai P, Phillips AG, Honer WG (2005) Hippocampal complexin proteins and cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry 62:263-272.

2. Lang DJ, Kopala LC, Vandorpe RA, Rui Q, Smith GN, Goghari VM, Lapointe JS, Honer WG (2004) Reduced basal ganglia volumes after switching to olanzapine in chronically treated patients with schizophrenia. Am J Psychiatry 161:1829-1836.

3. Flynn SW, Lang DJ, MacKay AL, Goghari V, Vavasour IM, Whittall KP, Smith GN, Arango V, Mann JJ, Dwork AJ, Falkai P, Honer WG (2003) Abnormalities of myelination in schizophrenia detected in vivo with MRI, and postmortem with analysis of oligodendrocyte proteins. Molec Psychiatry 8:811-820.

4. Sawada K, Young CE, Barr AM, Longworth K, Takahashi S, Arango V, Mann JJ, Dwork AJ, Falkai P, Phillips AG, Honer WG (2002) Altered immunoreactivity of complexin protein in prefrontal cortex in severe mental illness. Molec Psychiatry 7: 484-492.

5. Honer WG, Falkai P, Bayer TA, Xie J, Hu L, Li HY, Arango V, Mann JJ, Dwork AJ, Trimble WS (2002) Abnormalities of SNARE mechanism proteins in anterior frontal cortex in severe mental illness. Cereb Cortex 12: 349-356.

6. Lang DJ, Kopala LC, Vandorpe RA, Rui Q, Smith GN, Goghari VM, Honer WG (2001) An MRI study of basal ganglia volumes in first-episode schizophrenia patients treated with risperidone. Am J Psychiatry 158: 625-631.

7. Brzustowicz LM, Hodgkinson KA, Chow EWC, Honer WG, Bassett AS (2000) Location of a major susceptibility locus for familial schizophrenia on chromosome 1q21-q22. Science 288:678-682.

8. Honer WG, Falkai P, Chen C, Arango V, Mann JJ, Dwork AJ (1999) Synaptic and plasticity associated proteins in anterior frontal cortex in severe mental illness. Neuroscience 91:1247-1255.

9. Young CE, Arima K, Xie J, Hu L, Beach TG, Falkai P, Honer WG (1998) SNAP-25 deficit and hippocampal connectivity in schizophrenia. Cereb Cortex 8:261-268.

10. Honer WG, Falkai P, Young C, Wang T, Xie J, Bonner J, Hu L, Boulianne GL, Lu Z, Trimble WS (1997) Cingulate cortex synaptic terminal proteins and neural cell adhesion molecule in schizophrenia. Neuroscience 78:99-110.

Research Participants
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