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Schizophrenia Research Forum: Researcher Profile - J. Daniel Ragland
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Researcher Profile - J. Daniel Ragland

First Name:J. Daniel
Last Name:Ragland
Title:Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Advanced Degrees:Ph.D.
Affiliation:University of California at Davis
Department:Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Street Address 1:Imaging Research Center
Street Address 2:4701 X. Street
Zip/Postal Code:95817
Phone:916 734-3230
Fax:916 734-8750
Email Address:
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Member reports no financial or other potential conflicts of interest. [Last Modified: 9 August 2006]
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Clinical Interests:
Schizophrenia, Autism spectrum disorders (pervasive developmental disorders)
Research Focus:
Brain imaging, Neuropathology, neuropsychology, Animal models, Neurodevelopment
Work Sector(s):
Web Sites:
Reasearcher Bio
Dr. Ragland’s work investigates the effect of schizophrenia on brain function during episodic memory encoding and retrieval. Of particular interest is the role that organizational abilities play in new learning and subsequent memory retrieval, how schizophrenia disrupts these organizational processes, and how these deficits might be remediated to improve patients’ frontotemporal brain activity and daily function. His research has used a combination of neuropsychological and functional imaging techniques (133Xenon, PET 0-15, BOLD fMRI) to identify the cognitive functions and brain regions underlying these memory processes. Other research interests include developing translational fMRI memory paradigms for mouse and human, and investigating the neurological basis of food craving.
Top Papers
1. Goldberg TE, Ragland JD, Torrey EF, Gold JM, Bigelow LB, Weinberger DR: Neuropsychological assessment of monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia. Archives of General Psychiatry 47:1066-1072, 1990.
2. Ragland JD, Glahn DC, Gur RC, Censits DM, Smith RJ, Mozley PD, Alavi A, Gur RE: PET regional cerebral blood flow change during working and declarative memory: relationship with task performance. Neuropsychology 11:222-231, 1997.
3. Ragland JD, Gur RC, Glahn DC, Censits DM, Smith RJ, Lazarev MG, Alavi A, Gur RE: Fronto-temporal cerebral blood flow change during executive and declarative memory tasks in schizophrenia: a positron emission tomography study. Neuropsychology 12, 399-413, 1998.
4. Censits DM, Ragland JD, Gur RC, Gur RE: Neuropsychological evidence supporting a neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia: a longitudinal study. Schizophrenia Research 24:289-298, 1997.
5. Ragland JD, Gur RC, Glahn DC, Censits DM, Smith RJ, Lazarev MG, Alavi A, Gur RE: Fronto-temporal cerebral blood flow change during executive and declarative memory tasks in schizophrenia: a positron emission tomography study. Neuropsychology 12, 399-413, 1998.
6. Ragland, J.D., Gur, R.C., Raz, J., Schroeder, L., Smith, R.J., Alavi, A., Gur, R.E. Effect of Schizophrenia on Frontotemporal Activity During Word Encoding and Recognition: A PET Cerebral Blood Flow Study. American Journal of Psychiatry, 158, 1114-1125, 2001.
7. Ragland, J.D., Moelter, S.T., McGrath, C., Hill, S.K., Gur, R.E., Bilker, W.B., Siegel, S.J., Gur, R.C.: Levels-Of-Processing Effect on Word Recognition in Schizophrenia. Biological Psychiatry, 54:1154-1161, 2003.
8. Ragland, J.D., Gur, R.C., Valdez, J., Turetsky, B.I., Elliott, M., Kohler, C., Siegel, S., Kanes, S., Gur, R.E.: Event-Related fMRI of Frontotemporal Activity During Word Encoding And Recognition in Schizophrenia. American Journal of Psychiatry, 161:1004-1015, 2004.
9. Ragland, J.D., Gur, R.C., Valdez, J.N., Loughead, J., Elliott, M., Kohler, C., Kanes, S., Siegel, S.J., Moelter, S.T., Gur, R.E.: Levels-of-processing effect on frontotemporal function in schizophrenia during word encoding and recognition. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162:1840-1848, 2005.
10. Ragland, J.D., Valdez, J.N., Loughead, J., Gur, R.C., Gur, R.E.: Functional magnetic resonance imaging of internal source monitoring in schizophrenia: Recognition with and without recollection. Schizophrenia Research, in press.
If resources were not limited, what research projects would you pursue?
Translational functional imaging of mouse and human models.
What is your leading hypothesis?
Progressive neurodevelopmental model of neuropathology, with greatest impact on controlled processing and functional integration of prefrontal with temporal-limbic activity.

Research Participants
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